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iPhone Güvenlik Özellikleri

Security Features

Security features help protect the information on iPhone from being accessed by others.

You can set up a passcode that you must enter each time you turn on or wake up iPhone.

Set a passcode: 

Choose General > Passcode Lock and enter a 4-digit passcode, then enter the passcode again to verify it. iPhone then requires you to enter the passcode to unlock it or to display the passcode lock settings.

For addition information about using a passcode lock, see Passcode Lock.

Prevent voice dialing when iPhone is locked:

In Settings, choose General > Passcode Lock and turn Voice Dial off. Unlock iPhone to use voice dialing.

The Find My iPhone feature helps you locate iPhone if it’s been lost or misplaced, and display a message on your iPhone to help someone return it to you. It includes Remote Wipe, which lets you erase all the information on iPhone in case you don’t recover it, in order to protect your privacy. Find My iPhone requires a MobileMe account. MobileMe is an online service, available by subscription. Go to www.apple.com/mobileme for more information.

To enable this feature, turn on Find My iPhone in your MobileMe account settings. See Setting Up Accounts.

Find your iPhone:

Log in to your MobileMe account at www.me.com and go to the Find My iPhone pane. Follow the onscreen instructions to locate your device on a map and display a message on its screen along with an optional sound to help you find it.

Remotely wipe information on your iPhone: 

Log in to your MobileMe account at www.me.com, then go to the Find My iPhone pane. Click “Remote Wipe…,” then follow the onscreen instructions.

You may also be able to remotely delete the information on iPhone if you set up iPhone using a configuration profile. See Installing Configuration Profiles. Consult your system administrator if you need to delete the information on your iPhone.


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